Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Deadline coming up and I need your opinion

Ok, As I'd mentioned here before, there is a self portrait competition that I'm trying to enter. Grand prize is either 6months living in NYC for FREE or $7007, plus with either of those options the winner gets publicity, an art exhibit, and other great things. Just by entering the contest, I'll get stuff! But the showing in NYC, the money and publicity is what I've been working for. This is a perfect opportunity for me. Unfortunately, I only have until FRIDAY to enter this contest. I created one self portrait #1 below that I'm still working on)and touched up another, found another one and have my strongest one waiting.
I need YOUR opinion- which 3 should I enter into the self portrait contest? It's not just which catch your eye, but which ones have best artistic quality and personality
#1 (Pink Nightmare)

#2 (Hanging)

#3 (Me again)

#4 (Me)

Please let me know which ones you think I should enter, by commenting here, e-mail me at or leave a message on Facebook,


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