Thursday, November 12, 2009

Support for a local?

I've been directed to a gallery in New York in hopes of getting interest in my work and maybe exhibiting in said gallery. I contacted the gallery owner and he said that my work is "cool, unique and good shape". Having said that, he gave me the info on his next exhibit in December, which to me means he likes my work enough to have me show in his gallery. However, he requires a fee of $400 to cover advertising, reception and other expenses. Now, here's the glitch: I have no money. Zero. Zilch. So that opportunity slips through my fingers.
It's been suggested that maybe I can ask the West Branch community to show their support for one of their own in his pursuit of making it as a successful artist. I'm not looking to move to New York or California, mind you. I would want to stay in West Branch because it is my home and I've always loved this small community. I want to be a success story from West Branch, as West Branch natives Dita Von Teese and Marvel Comics writer Daniel Way have become. The difference being, I don't want to leave!
That same suggestion recommended having a fundraiser to get me exhibited in New York, or even Chicago or California. But the thought comes to mind "What if I throw a fundraiser and nobody comes?"

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