Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Reach for the sky

I have a new goal. It involves others believing in what I'm trying to accomplish. Bear with me.
Chickenfoot, the band Sammy Hagar writes and sings in, is performing at The Fillmore in Detroit. I had it in my head that the next venue he performed at, I would try to organize an art exhibit of my Sammy Hagar series in a venue as close to whereever Sammy was playing at as possible. The exhibit would be for Sammy's fans who are in the area for the show to view, and to show my appreciation and admiration of Sammy. I have the date of the show and the place of the concert. I now need to get the gallery or other venue to exhibit my work. I have one gallery that's just down the street from the Fillmore.
What I would like is for you, the reader, to contact the surrounding galleries and mention my name, or give them my site, but just get a bug in the galleries' ears. The Detroit Artist Market is the closest, and I'm going to try to contact them very soon. The concert's May 14th!!! We must move FAST!!! Maybe a word to some local rock stations would help, too....

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