Monday, February 15, 2010

ARTIST NEEDS STUDIO (but needs money first!)

For months I have been yearning for a studio space away from the house. The basement studio just ain't woikin'! I can't get down to work, and if I do, I get distracted by fighting kids and angry mommy upstairs, working on laundry and the floor flooding because the drain is clogged. Plus the lighting isn't the best. If I have a PAID FOR studio, then I have a "legit" reason to go to work. Plus, it would be a place for people to view my work, me working, I could set up models, art lessons, display work, etc. And my supplies wouldn't get ruined by every day wear and tear of kids and dampness.
BUT, I don't have any paying gigs right now. I have some that have already paid and some who I'm waiting for payment, but not enough to cover a single month's rent. The space I'm looking at is 2 1/2 blocks away from home, in the center of downtown West Branch. It is an upstairs office space, but the price is great and the space is enough for me. I have enough right now to cover 2 months' rent, but I don't want to commit when I don't have solid work on the table.
SOOOOOO, want some artwork?? :D

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