Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sack the Hacking

Ok, this is the third time I've been hacked. I am getting very aggravated. But I will not quit!
I am close to getting a studio space! My problem has been no money, as business died right after Christmas and some of the promising prospects that were supposed to move me positively into the new year seems to have folded up and disappeared, in spite of my best efforts. If I do get this studio space, I will use it to draw, paint, possibly photo shoots, meetings and lessons. It will also be used to display work. It would be an open studio, as in people can come in whenever I'm there and see what I do. I'm a very open artist. I'm used to creating with an audience. I also hope to have a kind of an open house/grand opening. Nothing big, some Doritos and punch. The disadvantage to the space is that it's an upstairs office space with no handicap access. I will keep everyone up to date. Until then, here's a piece that I have very nearly finished.

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