Sunday, July 26, 2009

Movie of Jason the Artist (?)

SO, I've been want to do a documentary of my life as an artist. The work I do, my inspirations, the events I display at or participate in to get my abilities seen, and the struggles involved in trying to make a career and living while raising a family in a small town. I hope to be a part of the new Traverse City comic convention, the Cherry Capital Con ( ) and the group I've put together, the West Branch Artist Pool, is going to have an exhibit at Kirtland Community College. So, I need to get new work done for those events, plus work my gig at Olan Mills, teach at Kirtland and the Midland Center For The Arts, finish VIETMIME and keep my kids alive. No small task, the lil daredevils.
BUT, the person I have to film and edit the documentary is concerned that my story is too all over the place and asks what my focus is and doesn't want to start until I figure it out. I thought we'd film different events, different days and interview people who know me or know of my work and see what we have. I don't know. It's starting to feel like thismight not happen. The process of getting the film started is a great example of what I'd want in the film. Trying to do something, only to see it fall apart. Any ideas?

Art in nature today in the Park

I know it's supposed to rain today, but I've had this West Branch Artist Pool Plein Air in Iron's Park set up for a month or more. I don't get OUT to paint often. I need to practice my landscape/scenery artwork.