Thursday, October 27, 2011

October/November Update

I'll be doing some mural work at the high school I graduated from.

November 3rd I might be set up at "The Ultimate One Stop Shoppe" at Surline Elementary from 3:45-8pm

November 19th I'll have a table set up at St. Joseph's School and doing sketches/cartoons/caricatures (and dressing as Santa for a couple hours)

November 20th I'll behosting "Customer Appreciation Day" at Nuttall Art Studio from 3-6. It might be a costume party.

Dec. 3rd I'm an artist at the Comic & toy convention in Grand Rapids from 9-3, then participating in the Downtown West Branch Art & Wine Walk from 6-9pm, either at Nuttall Art Studio or a participating business.

It's...a long month....

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Did I Err?

Sometimes, I start on a project and I have to walk away for a moment, and when I get back to it, I'm filled with happiness and fulfillment. My Hero series has become one of those projects. My Sammy Hagar Jumping series gives me such energy and now this first painting of Sergio Aragones` makes me just happy. I want to keep working on it, like right now as I sit at home. BUT, I have to wait until tomorrow... Until then, here's a little video I made and an updated photo of the Sergio painting.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

$50 by 6pm 10/17 for 18x24 drawing!!

I'm doing a ONE DAY ONLY special, and boy, is it special!
Until Monday, October 17th at 6pm, you can get an 18x24 drawing (not painting, just drawing)for $216. Wait, no that's the regular price. $50! an 18x24 drawing for only $50!!! The money must be in my hand by 6pm on Monday, October 17th or in my Paypal account ( with confirmation from me (e-mail me at call me at 989-701-7287 or contact me on Facebook). Once you pay, you can decide at any time what you want your project to be. Act NOW!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Jason Nuttall | Art Takes Miami 2011

Pappa needs the votes!! Jason Nuttall | Art Takes Miami 2011

Sixty-Six to Timbuktu

This is my most recent project. I like Robert Plant. Alot. This is a graphite drawing, 18x24 and about 5-7 hours into it.

Smurfs in the 7 Acre Wood??

I thought I'd share this. A kindergarten teacher at my kids' school passed me last month and (I think she was being polite) commented how she'd been thinking about me doing a painting on her class window. I told her "sure" and she looked shocked. Anyway, a couple weeks later I came in and painted this Fall scene (took 5 hours)in the 7 Acre Wood. Oh, and ignore the little girl. She wouldn't move.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

vent blog

I've been in the studio since 9am trying to decide what to work on. Should I work on something I want to do or something that might sell? It's now 1pm and I'm still torn. I don't like having to spend time on this. I'd hoped that I would get enough business that i wouldn't have to worry about making art for money purposes only (I started a painting of John Lennon. I'm not a fan at all but Lennon usually sells). i've offered specials that doesn't actually make me money, but it's something coming in, but nobody's interested in artwork. i'm flustered, angry and depressed. i'm trying to make my dream a reality. i'm trying to make something of all the work and education I've put into my art my entire life, but it's become such a struggle that my family's suffering and my spirit is just plain fried. I don't want pity purchases, mind you. I want to expand my outlet beyond Facebook. But it takes money that I cannot make.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Act NOW (or tomorrow)

I know that artwork isn't the top of anyone's list of what they need or want they want to get or give for a gift, but original artwork really is a strong, touching and creative gift idea (even if it's for yourself!). I try to offer specials for people who do want original artwork but don't have the budget for it. Hence, my ONE DAY SALE (or 2 day)!! Today and today ONLY (ok, today and Tuesday), if you come to the studio and mention this deal, you can get a 16x20 painting or drawing for only $60!! You must visit NUTTALL ART STUDIO or call the studio (989-701-7287) Today, Oct. 3 or Tuesday Oct. 4th and mention this special! Offer ends 8pm Tuesday evening! As long as the money is in my hands by 9pm Oct. 4th, you can take as long as you want to decide what you want. The $$ is a placeholder. Act now! Tell yer friends and neighbors!!