Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I will have a table in the Artists' Alley at the Great Lakes Comic Con February 26 and 27th in Warren, Michigan at Macomb Community College. I will be there with my collaborator for VIETMIME Tim Schaiberger, promoting (and hopefully selling) our Graphic Novella of the Mime. It's more novel than graphic, to introduce the world to the Mime (and with our time constraints, the best way to go right now).
  I will be doing sketches of Mime, caricatures, cartoon characters and super hero characters, as well as have some art prints to sell.  You can find info on the convention here, including directions, featured guests, ticket prices ( $10 daily) and other information!
I might even have the variant cover issue of POPEYE Comics Classics I did for sale!

Still alive!

It's been a LLOOOONNGGGG time since I posted, and I have some free time, so I thought I'd update.
  I'm still here.
  I still draw.
More to come as things develop.