Sunday, January 31, 2010

(Not) Drawn and Quartered (running out of wit)

So, I've had a couple people contact me for commissions, and nothing has come of it, a mural job that never called back and other "opportunities" that fell through. I did not win the people's choice award for the Power Of Self self portrait contest.
Right now, I have a Valentine's Day Special available- a one subject portrait drawing for only $35, and any additional subject in the drawing is another $15 each. The drawing would most likely be 18x24, and definitely not smaller than 9x12.


Hello blog readers!
I know it's been awhile since I've posted (that DIDN'T involve viagra! Seems I've been hacked!), but that's because there's nothing new to report. I just checked for the first time in two or three days and saw that magically I posted about Viagra, online gambling and something ELSE that doesn't seem like me. I don't know how somebody hacked my blog, but it happened.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Check out my photos on Facebook

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Check out my photos on Facebook

Hi Myblog,

I set up a Facebook profile where I can post my pictures, videos and events and I want to add you as a friend so you can see it. First, you need to join Facebook! Once you join, you can also create your own profile.


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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No Jack on TV! (continued from Facebook rant)

You know what irks me? I can never find any Jack Nicholson movies on tv! Only "Few Good Men","Bucket List", "The Departed", and maybe "Terms of Endearment", and only Bucket List ISN"T edited! No "Cuckoo's Nest" or "The Last Detail", or even "As Good As It Gets"! Maybe get Batman. Thought I taped it cuz it said 1989, Keaton, Nicholson. The next day I sit to watch it, it's Adam West and Burgess Meredith (not bad, but not what I expected).

Deadline coming up and I need your opinion

Ok, As I'd mentioned here before, there is a self portrait competition that I'm trying to enter. Grand prize is either 6months living in NYC for FREE or $7007, plus with either of those options the winner gets publicity, an art exhibit, and other great things. Just by entering the contest, I'll get stuff! But the showing in NYC, the money and publicity is what I've been working for. This is a perfect opportunity for me. Unfortunately, I only have until FRIDAY to enter this contest. I created one self portrait #1 below that I'm still working on)and touched up another, found another one and have my strongest one waiting.
I need YOUR opinion- which 3 should I enter into the self portrait contest? It's not just which catch your eye, but which ones have best artistic quality and personality
#1 (Pink Nightmare)

#2 (Hanging)

#3 (Me again)

#4 (Me)

Please let me know which ones you think I should enter, by commenting here, e-mail me at or leave a message on Facebook,


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The film, it's a comin'!

The documentary "Paint It Nuttall" by Pauline Johnson about lame ol' yers truly, is being edited now. I'm excited to see it, but I would like to add more to it. But one of the main problems is that she and I live almost 3 hours away from each other, and both have families, so we can't get together to film. And there's nothing really happening right now in the world of Nuttall Art, other than building up some new work with different series' and trying to do up some self portraits for a self portrait competition. Unfortunately, I don't have the money to enter yet. And the deadline is January 15th.
Here's the trailer for the documentary Pauline put together a few months ago of PAINT IT NUTTALL

Saturday, January 9, 2010

There's no substitute for RED (Rocker!!!!)

Another great moment in my life is my Sammy Hagar epic. You can read about it here on this site.

Smilin' about Sergio

I just saw the photo of me with the great Sergio Aragones and felt all warm and cuddly inside again. Meeting him and spending so much time with him (not his choice, I'm sure) and the equally great Stan Sakai was one of THE biggest highlights of my life. To read the stories, click here and here .

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Self Portrait video

There's a contest for self portraits, and the deadline is next week. Grand prize is live 6 months in NYC for free or $7007, plus publicity, and exhibition and some other stuff.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I'm offering a Valentine's Day special. If you contact me by January 14th and ask for the special, you can get a portrait of one subject for $60. If you want additional subjects, each subject is an additional $10. This is for a drawing or painting, but no bigger than 11x14, no smaller than 8x10. Contact me HERE or HERE if interested.
Loved ones really appreciate original artwork.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Smokin' Joe Walsh helps the New Year

One of my favorite musicians wrote one of the ONLY New Years Eve rock/reggae song."Joe Walsh - New Years Eve + Lyrics" It was on Adam Sandler's "Waterboy" when Kathy Bates is in the hospital and Bobby (is that Sandler's name in it?) is decorating the room.


When it turned 2010, my lights went out and tv went blank. I realized 'those dumbasses predicted wrong! Y2K came 10 years too late!!' I panicked, then realized we blew a fuse. Well, at least I still have a full supply of jars of urine, just in case.