Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kickstartin' it

With the lack of business and lessons coming my way, the studio and my projects may be coming to a close. So, I'm trying a different approach, and I need YOUR help!! I'm going through Kickstarter to try and continue my work. If you believe in me, or believe in what I'm doing, please be a part of it by either contributing or spreading the word to everyone you know. Those who donate get rewards (read the details on the link).

Price slash

Due to lack of business and sales, I'm cutting prices on almost all the artwork in the studio in half. Exceptions are the Popeye series, the Jack Nicholson series and the Sammy Hagar series (and other select art that's not for sale. EXAMPLES of artwork marked down=

These are only a small portion of the artwork marked down. If interested in any of it, or any artwork seen on this site, contact me here

Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Sale!!

Who wants to help keep the studio open?
Yup, business is slow and I'm dropping some prices on the pieces below-
Bob Seger graphite- $65 (usually $125)
Sammy Hagar charcoal- $125 (usually $216)
Tom Petty charcoal- $65
Dom DeLuise and Ruth Buzzie graphite- $40 (usually $92)

Friday, June 17, 2011

What Have I been DOING??

Hey, there cats 'n' kittens!
It's been awhile since I updated, but there are a few things in the fire right now.
First off, I won't be in the studio much because my wife and I are teaching at the Midland Center For The Arts Summer Art Camp just about every week this summer. Also, we're moving into a new place.
Secondly, I've been working with Anne Clayton, the OHHS art teacher, in building the "Youth Art Battle" for Downtown West Branch's "Fabulous Fridays" event "Art In The Street". Ages 6-17 create a piece of artwork in a 3 hour time period and the passers-by vote on whose work they like the most (it's broken up into 4 age groups) and the winners from each age group get prizes that local businesses and individuals have donated. And it's all free.
I've organized with the West Branch Library to have a "POPEYE" Day at the library on Thursday, July 7th as part of the West Branch Film Festival (formerly West Branch Children's Film Festival). The movie "POPEYE" will be shown for free in the library and I'll have my Popeye art series on display. I'll also be doing free Popeye sketches for anyone who attends.
I think that's all for now.