Tuesday, April 26, 2022

More 4 Sale

I have some more original artwork for sale! Tell yer friends and neighbors!  Contact me at jasonnuttall@yahoo.com if interested!
Eartha Kitt Catwoman, 11"x14" or 8 1/2"x11" $75

"Lazing on the Beach", Oil on canvas, 14"x11" $154.

(WIP) "Agave Fields", oil on canvas, 14"x11" $154.

"1980s Fastball Special", Acrylic on canvas panel, 16"x20" $100.

1960s Batgirl", Watercolor on Bristol board, 12"x9", $111.

"Miles Morales' Spider-Man", Acrylic on canvas panel, 16"x20", $100
Untitled Harley Quinn, Watercolor on Bristol board, 9"x12", $50
"Stevie Ray Vaughan Live", Watercolor on Bristol board, 9"x12", $111.


Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Nuttall Art on TikTok

 To try and expand my audience (ie try to get more clients to buy and commission artwork), I've joined TikTok. I'll post videos of me working on art and photos of art. Bear with me because I'm still figuring it out. My "tag" is @nuttallart 

Please share to get the word out!

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Recent Art for Sale

 I have some artwork for sale that I just finished or very close to finishing. Contact me if interested

I charge by size, so if you like my style but not the subject matter, I am available for commission work.

Connery (work in progress) 18"x24"
Eddie Van Halen tribute 14"x11"
Nicholson as Joker (work in progress) 18"x24"

Rolling Stones 18"x24"

You can contact me at jasonnuttall@yahoo.com if interested.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

I'm An Outschool Teacher!!


I'm offering a UNIQUE online drawing class for kids!
I will be teaching at OUTSCHOOL, an online platform to offer classes to k-12 kids! I'm starting off teaching a class on HOW TO DRAW POPEYE AND OTHER CLASSIC CARTOONS!!
Right now it's only one class for ages 7-10 year olds, but I'll add more classes and sessions over time.
I still work my regular teaching job; OutSchool is a second job, basically. Please share to anyone you know in the WORLD who might have kids interested!