Monday, June 30, 2008

I seem to have forgotten...

There was this painting that is currently in Sammy Hagar's possession ( I was told it's in his studio). I have limited number of this and the other prints, and they are well priced. If interested, or know someone who is, lemme know. I'll be here.

Art posters

Well, the art on the street event in my hometown of West Branch was apparently NOT the locale to sell art prints of, say, ZZ Top and Stevie Ray Vaughan. I was charging $15 signed and numbered, so if you know of any fans of either of those two, or of BB King, Eric Clapton or Sammy Hagar and the Red Wings, please send them my way.

Friday, June 27, 2008

New painting

I, over the last year, have worked off and on on a painting for a radio station for their advertising. That station was not really willing to come to the premiere of the painting at my exhibit last month, so I haven't given them the image for I feel snubbed. They said they'd put a link for my site on their site and that, basically, was the payment. But when I mentioned maybe appearing at the reception to "accept" the piece, they did not show and gave no explanation.

So, I have this painting of classic rock musicians titled "Heart of Rock". I am now sharing it now. I can get prints if anyone is interested.
Let me know what you think and tell your friends and neighbors!!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

FYI, to be honest.

The photo in my previous blog is not really me at any music awards ceremony. I was playing with Photoshop and wanted to see how I'd look in a dapper red suit.
I was right.
I look awesome.
If you know me, you know my true feelings about that last sentence. If you don't know me, I sound like a pompous ass. Either way, it's all good.

Hello again for the first time!


Welcome to the first edition of Nuttall Art blogging. I was persuaded by a friend (her name rhymes with Shmamy) to begin a blog until I can get my own website set up. I'm a Michigan artist and father of three, husband of one and darling to dozens.

I will periodically update the silly suckers who view this blog with what I have up my sleeves and on the easel, maybe even in my beard. FOR EXAMPLE:

Friday, June 27th is the last day of my art exhibit at the Enchante Gallery in West Branch, Michigan on Refinery Rd. I will be demonstrating artwork and selling artwork, art posters, art postcards and comics related to art during the downtown West Branch Art on the Street, part of a series of "Fabulous Fridays" in downtown West Branch through August. It goes from 5-8 and I will be in front of the Winding Road Studio. Bring $20 and you can get quite a bit for your money.

If you would like to view my artwork ahead of time, go to and check out my pics. I hope to figure out how to add artwork to this sweet lil ol blog as well.