Friday, December 31, 2010

Decisions, decisions....

I'm still trying to work on my Jack Nicholson series. I have a 20"x30" canvas, but I don't know which image to paint. I need your opinion:

or (B)

You can answer HERE

Monday, December 6, 2010

The more things change, the more they stay the same

The lastest in my Popeye series is completed, and I know it looks familiar. I re-created the "Popeye Family Picnic" painting, going larger, using palette knife, and zooming out to include more of the bodies. Hopefully, this one won't sell (I shouldn't say that, should I?). Below is the second painting ("Popeye Family Picnic #2) and the original painting ("Popeye Family Picnic").

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Think original!

There are only NINE DAYS until the end of the November specials!! ONLY $20 for an 8x10 drawing (only a drawing) OR $50 for an 11x14 drawing or painting for ONLY $50! Contact me ASAP!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Back to Basics

I'd like to work from my own photos again and have been for a few months. I feel like alot of the work I've done for the last few years have been, if not commission work, celebrity-related. This is my newest completed piece from a photo taken in 1998 or 1999. No title as of yet. It's an oil painting. And at the studio (I think it looks better in person, as it were).

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nimra and Close

There are times where I see another's artwork and just break down. Sometimes it's tears, sometimes it's anger. Chuck CLose is one of those artists. Not everything he does appeals to me, but his work is where I want to be. Another is closer to home (literally) and that's Armin Mersmann. I have worked with him at the Midland Center for the Arts for a couple years now. His insane attention to detail is where I want to be. It pushes me to focus and zoom in on the detail, as does Close's work. You can see Chuck Close's work here and Armin's work here
Then again, I see emotion in others' work whose paintings are looser and more impressionistic as opposed to the photo realism/photo rendering I've practiced half my life. My brush strokes are looser than my pencil lines, allowing a softer feel, but not always intentionally. When I was graduating from college with my BFA, my instructors said flat out that my black and white work has more power than my color work. One of them, after my "BFA exhibit final critique", walked up to me with his hands in his pockets and shaking his head.
"So you're not that good with color" he told me in his Bostonian drawl, "Ya just gotta work more at it, but your drawings and printmaking are very strong. You're good in black and white, but need work in color". Very good to hear the last week of my 4 year stint in the institution giving me my degree in Drawing and PAINTING!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

Home Sweet Home

The West Branch Artist Pool show at Kirtland is now over and the remainder of my work is back in the studio, as well as some of Melissa's ceramics, too. So the studio is full of work. My body of work is back. Come check it out.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

If I don't try, I'll never know, right?

Well, I hadn't planned on doing the recent Art de Combat at Enchante Gallery, but the morning of I decided to give it a try. If I won 2nd or 1st I can pay on the studio rent,and if I got 3rd I can at least get the entry fee back and a slick 20 in my wallet. I didn't enter the combat until 10 after 5pm (started at 5)and didn't choose a subject until almost 5:30. I gave up and drew Clint Eastwood from "Pale Rider". I was done in a little over an hour, so I walked around for a couple minutes and started on a drawing of Jim Morrison (still not done, though). The Eastwood was bid on in the silent auction, but the Morrison is available and in my studio.
Oh, and I did not place.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The studio that keeps on givin'!

I've added to my November special. ONLY $20 for an 8x10 drawing (only a drawing) OR $50 for an 11x14 drawing or painting for ONLY $50! I seriously cannot go any lower on pricing. There's also artwork in the studio marked down (red tags on them)and here are a few of the pieces marked down (drastically)

Block prints are each $20

The Joe Walsh charcoal is marked down to $120 and the Dom DeLuise/Ruth Buzzy is $40.

The graphite, titled "Mandy", is down to $120 (roughly 18x24) and the Stevie Ray Vaughan oil pastel is only $75.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Ok. New deal.
ANY artwork 11x14 for only $50. No limits other than the size. Contact me ASAP if you want it for Christmas.

Cast your Vote, but not until Saturday!

I want it clear that I don't give a shit about politics & I don't bitch & moan about changes & the way of the American Politician, because I don't care. BUT I do care about artists who put hard-earned money up to compete in art battles against other artists. I don't have said money so I might not be competing, but I still think you should check out ART de COMBAT this Saturday at the Enchante' Gallery in West Branch, Michigan.

Here's how it works: YOU get to the gallery and pay $20 at the door and get a ticket. You then proceed further and look at the artwork the artists are making (they have 3 hours to begin and finish a piece of artwork). You then decide which piece of art you like the most and write down the number the artist was given and drop your ticket into the designated ballot box. You then can enjoy the food and/or drinks available (pop, water, coffee, beer, booze) at no extra charge. Once you pay that $20 at the door you can eat and drink yourself stupid. Or you can watch the artists, mingle and/or wait to hear the results of the voting. Or you can leave whenever you'd like.
I may not be competing, as I have not had enough business to afford the entry fee for artists. But that doesn't mean I don't believe in these events to encourage the general public to get involved in the arts! You can watch an artist create artwork in front of you! And you can help that artist win money that can help their career or their family! AND there's a Silent Auction during and after the combat where you get a chance to bid on your favorite artwork being created. This piece, for example, was sold for only $40 at an art battle. Bad for me, but great for the highest bidder.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Avengers (and Justice League) Assemble!

As you can see, our Halloween was a super hero Halloween. Everyone chose their own costumes. I had to run around town to find a round shield and then paint it up to look like Captain America's. I had to search for something that looked like a hammer for Logan's Thor costume. And I pieced together my Green Arrow costume (and every piece of clothing was too damn tight!).

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Now what?

I feel like I'm at a standstill. I have multiple unfinished projects, as well as some commission work to do, but part of what I do is drawing attention to my artwork and I'm not quite sure how to do that. What I've been doing doesn't seem to be enough to get the attention of the general public. Unfortunately, the talent doesn't catch an audience. I have to have a gimick, which I really don't like that idea. I also don't want to concede to the masses, in that I don't want to do popular celebrity art. The "celebrities" I draw or paint are people who I admire or who inspire me. Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain and Hendrix don't inspire me (those being 3 subjects people always say I should do).
So, any ideas on how to get the world to notice me without breaking laws or moving?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Welcome to Nuttall Art

I donated this graphite drawing of John Lennon to a silent auction to support Habitat For Humanity. A friend of mine (Tim) pointed out that this year marks the 30th anniversary of Lennon murder, so I figured "what the hell?"
I'm not a fan of Lennon. Sure, he created some great music, but I'm not that into it. I did it because he's considered THE best musician ever by many. I've done Lennon drawings before, and when people saw them, they seemed more into the subject more than the artwork and recognized it and liked it alot. So, I figure if this is to make money, it better be a popular subject.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A fuller, less vague posting

Ok, this is the drawing I did for the Habitat For Humanity fundraiser in West Branch, Michigan. It seems that anytime I do a drawing of John Lennon, it gets bought and/or tons of comments (whether it's good or not. That's the popularity of John Lennon). That is why I drew him. Not because I'm a fan (I'm not too hot for him. Ready for the hate mail!), but since it's for a fundraiser, I wanted to make something that had a good chance of selling. That's why I didn't do a portrait of Jack Nicholson or Sammy Hagar. I idolize them, but not many people in West Branch want to buy portraits of them.

SUCH a VAGUE post!

Yesterday (0r day before) I posted a question on Facebook.I'm donating artwork for Habitat For Humanity in West Branch and I asked who I should portray. I put up my suggestions, and I got quite a few replies. But I chose who I think would sell best. I'll post a photo of who it is soon.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's for the less fortunate, HALLMARK, not LOVE!!!!

SWEETEST DAY was created (coincidentallly by a guy who worked in a greeting card company) to give cards, gifts, candies, etc. to those less fortunate during the 1920s. The sick, down-trodden, unemployed, "Fellow Americans who are down on their luck", basically. The kind-hearted sentiment devolved into the 2nd cousin of Valentine's Day. I would rather honor the original thought behind the day rather than rush out and get a flower that'll die and smell within days.

Put your ear up to the Plant and listen....

**This drawing on display at Kirtland Community College Art Gallery in the West Branch Artist Pool Annual Art Show until October 31st****

I would like to recommend, if you are a fan of Robert Plant, and specifically Plant and Alison Krauss's album a year or two ago, Robert Plant's new album "Band Of Joy". It has some bluegrass, some blues, and an all-around soulful feel throughout. I was doubtful when I first listened, but it grew on me. Alot. I'm thinking of doing a series of Robert Plant artwork (behind my Popeye series, my Jack Nicholson series and my Sammy Hagar series), as his work, old and new is very entrancing to me.
Nuff said.

Friday, October 15, 2010

SAVED! For now...

Alright, the studio's safe for now! I sold some work to cover rent. I don't want the studio or my work to be about money, but I would like to be able to cover my rent, at least!To celebrate,here's a photo of my unfinished Sammy Hagar oil painting based on the painting I did for Sammy!

AND for the rest of October, to celebrate the safety of the studio, selected artwork is marked down in price!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nuttall Art Studio may be near an end.

Due to the lack of finances coming into my home and studio, there's a good chance I may not have the studio much longer. I am not giving up, because to give up is to admit defeat, and dese feats are made for walkin', not walkin' away. The energy I feel when I open the door to my studio is overwhelming at times. I have such a nip on about what I do, it's ridiculous! There are so many unfinished projects lying around the studio because my mind is drawing, painting, sculpting a mile a minute and my body can't catch up! The studio isn't my dream; the studio is part of the dream that I've been striving for my entire life. My dreams used to be to meet my heroes, my idols, my inspirations. I've used my abilities as an artist to achieve those dreams (with ONE still on the table. WHEN will you film in Michigan, Jack??) and my heart's filled with pride and joy in what I've accomplished. But now that I've reached that goal, now what? I've earned the respect of my lifelong heroes, Sergio Aragones and Stan Sakai, I've spoken, shook hands with and even sold artwork to Sammy Hagar, I've put a smile on BB King's face. Twice. But how does that help me? Personally, it's uplifting and powerful, but does that help me get gallery exhibits? Can I feed my children because of it? It's bragging rights, or to some, name dropping. I want to support my family and my career as an artist by BEING an artist. I also want to encourage and (morally) support other artists, young and old, to follow their dreams, but smarter than I have. Hence, the West Branch Artist Pool I created.
I have had some success with the studio, and word is getting out, but commissions are few and far between. The lessons I teach are to 3 kids, and it's not enough to pay the rent, to be blunt. The studio isn't a shop to sell the work on the walls, but if someone sees something they like, there's a price. It's really a place for appreciaters of the arts. But, at the same time, I can't have the studio if nothing sells.
I will constantly be updating about whether or not I can hold onto the studio. With Christmas in a couple months, I'm hoping people will notice the quality of the work and the low (yes, the prices ARE LOW for the quality) prices and realize that original artwork is far more thoughtful and long-lasting than a video game for a system that will be obsolete in a year or so, or socks that only get holes eventually.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

WEST BRANCH ARTIST POOL: The reception results

WEST BRANCH ARTIST POOL: The reception results: "I am very proud to have been a part of this show and reception. Congratulations to all the artists and thanks to all those who came and ..."

Kirtland Art Gallery has FOOD (and artists) tonight!!

Alright, cats 'n' kittens, today's the day! From 6pm to 8pm Kirtland Community College will be host to the WEST BRANCH ARTIST POOL ART SHOW Reception! We will have over 7 Ogemaw County-based artists, not even including two published authors AND a dance performance!
Oh, and there's free food and refreshments.

Damn the TOMpedoes (play of words on an old album)

I just finished a new drawing. It's charcoal. I don't remember the size, but it's not 18x24. It's in the studio now.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Special!

NEW SPECIAL!!! 1-2 subject drawing, 11x14 (regularly $77) for $40!!! Offer ends Oct. 11th!!!
If you want a painting, it's regular price. If you want more than 2 subjects, it's an additional $15 for each additional subject.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

WEST BRANCH ARTIST POOL: Support yourselves by supporting the WBAP

WEST BRANCH ARTIST POOL: Support yourselves by supporting the WBAP: "The Pool KCC reception is Wednesday, October 6th from 6-8pm. It's all free. Please come out and support your fellow artists, even if you do..."

Art Ramblin'

How are young, talented artists supposed to feel positive about what they do when there's nobody encouraging them? What if your precious football teams came to a game, and the stadium had only 1/16 of the seats filled? Then those players get discouraged because they don't feel supported by their community. If sports got the same support as artists, sports wouldn't be as popular. If you know an artist, be it a musician, a painter or a writer, come to their events and bring friends.
I created the West Branch Artist Pool ( so all ages and varieties of artists in Ogemaw County have a place to share their opinions, their talents and their outlets for their abilities with others who may share as well. I hope to make it a community where we can share with one another and the general public so they know what this county has to offer in the arts. Too often, the performing and literary arts are forgotten when talking about "The Arts". That is another aspect of the Pool that I am stressing greatly.

But I'm rambling. I know I am. I yam bloggin' without editin'. Just come out to support your artists, people. How'd you feel if you threw a party and nobody came? That's how artists feel. Alot.

Monday, September 27, 2010

And the 2nd runner-up to the Winner Isssss.....

This is a photo taken by the event organizer Kathleen Baker after I won 3rd Place at the Hale Hot Air Balloon Festival's art battle, also known as Magik Mind Tattooz Art Battle. I chose the Three Stooges because,well, they're awesome and popular. The drawing (which is charcoal, by the way) sold in the silent auction after the battle ended.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Battle to the DEATH! well, not really...

I'm competing in an art battle in Hale ( ). Gotta be honest, I hope I win. I actually NEED to win. I have bills to pay and might lose the studio if I don't win or sell what I make at the silent auction (which takes place during and after the art battle). And I worry that it'll be more about the numbers than the quality of the artwork. I won't have alot of people in my corner, so I have to rely on my talent, and sometimes that just isn't enough. Wish me luck and if you're in the Hale, Michigan area, stop by and vote!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chick-less cartoons

It's been brought to my attention that there are no animated super hero shows with females in the forefront. My daughter like comics and rarely gets to watch any shows that aren't directed towards boys (Super Hero Squad, Batman:Brave and the Bold, etc). If she's lucky, Huntress might have a cameo on Batman or Ms. Marvel shows up on SHS. Even the Justice League cartoons didn't have alot of female-based storylines, but they had more than what's on now! I think DC should come out with a "Birds Of Prey" animated series and have guest spots of other DC heroes, like Batman: Brave and the Bold.
They came out with an animated feature of Wonder Woman, but it was too violent for my 8 year old daughter to watch! I'm hoping that they'll come out with "Tiny Titans" cartoon, based on the comic by Art Baltazar and Franco. It's fun for all ages, very innocent and directed towards boys and girls. Waddya say, Didio and Art? :D

Friday, September 10, 2010

Where I Work

For those of you who can't make it to my studio, here's a glimpse of it. There's more, but I don't wanna spoil it for those who CAN make it!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Not so easy Easy Rider

This is a work in progress. I've been working on it off and on for a year as part of my Jack Nicholson series. I originally chose this image because I was told by a gallery associate that I should do scenery or landscape pieces because that's what sells in their gallery. This was as close as I could get! I always lean towards portrait of figurative work. I did say that I wouldn't do the classic Jack images, and this one is one of the first iconic scenes of his career. But, It's also 36x48 and graphite, so it's a challenge. It also has personality to it. The stern, determined expressions on Nicholson and Fonda's faces along with the precision of the chopper details is very serious, and then you look over and the expression on Dennis Hopper's face,and the fact that he's looking back at the other two breaks through the stern scene and adds charm (As I began drawing Hopper's face, news broke within days that he passed away,making this drawing mean more to me).
I will not post a better photo of this, or any other photo, so if you want to see it, you have to visit it at the studio.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Put the candles in the Cheese Dip!

As soon as I try to take a break from mentioning his name, his birthday pops up!!
Today is the day we Groopers celebrate, not as Labor Day, but Sergio Aragones Day, as it's his birthday! I can go on and on about what this man means to me (and I have here , here , and here ), but the great Mark Evanier summed up some of it on his blog here

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bittersweet: So hard to say goodbye

With every piece of artwork I create, I get a little attached to it. Especially when it's artwork not made specifically for somebody else. It's rare I create work for myself, but when I do and they come out as I want, I get very emotionally charged and connected to the work. And when I sell that artwork, it's very bittersweet. I am making money to support my family, but I'm handing off work that was close to my heart. Case in point: I just set up to sell two of my Popeye series, one of which is one of my favorites. However, the buyer is from the hometown of EC Segar, Popeye's creator, in Chester, Illinois, AND is owner of Segar's childhood home!! the works, shown below, are going to THE PERFECT home! MY Popeye artwork in the town where Popeye was created, and MAYBE even in the house his creator lived in!
If I can mail the painting in time, it might be displayed during next weekend's Popeye Picnic! If you're attending the picnic (this Friday, Saturday and Sunday), ask at Spinach Can Collectibles about the Popeye movie painting!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tiny Heads

I'm thinking of doing handheld ceramic rattle heads to sell. Could be celebrities, could be personal. Here's an example.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

How do you know?

Ok, here's a question and I'd like your opinion. I'll get to the question in a moment.
What makes artwork gallery worthy? Is it quality or subject matter, or both or neither? I have a big problem with celebrities who feel the need to express themselves beyond their comfort zones by presenting themselves as artists (painters, ceramicists, etc). Now, some are quite good and some even went to school for art but chose another career path. Others, however, seem as though they have this "I'm (celebrity name) and I draw perty pictures. LOOK AT THEM and tell me I'm good" kind of feel to them (to me, at least). They are not very good, though but still get attention and even gallery exhibits because of who they are. Bob Dylan recently unveiled an exhibit of his artwork (where I don't remember) and got international attention for it. I saw only 2 of his pieces, and they were good. I like them. But are they gallery worthy? How is his art different from artwork hanging at Enchante Gallery in West Branch, other than the name attached? The work doesn't stand out to me like you'd expect of an internationally published exhibit. BUT, I could be wrong, and I'm sure I am, but why aren't the artists displayed in Enchante Gallery getting such attention?
What work is gallery-worthy?
What piece is better? This one

Or this one?

What about this one

Compared to this one?

Are any of these gallery art? Why or why not? PLEASE give me your opinion!!

Monday, August 30, 2010


There's a filthy rumor going around that today is my birthday. Well, it is. To celebrate, I am not doing anything productive. I would prefer to work in the studio, but it's not an option, so I'm dragging my butt instead.Here's me with my traditional birthday Yorkshire Pudding.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Today's the date that brought the death of a great musician almost 20 years ago. Stevie Ray Vaughan is one of my favorite musicians in rock and blues. His voice, guitar and writing are very powerful to me. I've seen footage of him performing and my God, he was such a talent. What angers me about his death is that he cleaned up just before he died. He kicked drugs and booze, released a Grammy winning album ("In Step", with a somewhat autobiographical song "Wall of Denial") and should have continued a fantastic career. Much like Ronnie Van Zandt of Lynyrd Skynyrd, SRV died due to a plane crash. And like Ronnie, Stevie Ray kicked some habits that would have eventually killed him, only to deny the world another part of a powerful music career because of a plane crash. One other celebrity I enjoyed died as he got his act together and kicked drugs- Sam Kinison. He was on his way to or from his honeymoon with his new wife and got in a car accident caused by a drunk driver.
I can't play music and can't sing the songs, but I try to show my appreciation for certain musicians through my artwork, and these are tributes to the Great Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

End of Summer Deal

For the next WEEK (8/26-9/2) I am offering 11x14 drawings for ONLY $30!!This is for any subject(s) you'd like. The price usually runs $77! For $30 you can get a 2-subject graphite or charcoal 11x14 drawing! If you'd like more than 2 subjects, it's an additional $15 per subject. Contact me here or on Facebook, at Nuttall Art Studio or e-mail me!

Big ol' update post

Alright, I'm back from vacation and feel less relaxed than when I left!
My hero, my idol Sergio Aragones will be appearing (from the neck up) on FUTURAMA tonight on Comedy Central!
I was hoping to enter an art battle in Hale, but the vacation soaked up all my funds, so I might not be competing.
The West Branch Artist Pool art show at Kirtland, according to the curator, is on his schedule for October, not September. He's supposed to get back to me this week.
The studio will be open this Friday during Fabulous Fridays in Downtown West Branch from 5-9pm. This FF is honoring the Veterans and those who've fallen.
I haven't heard anything about displaying my Popeye series during the annual Popeye Picnic, although I can't afford to go to Chester, Illinois anyway.
The documentary about me is on hold until, well, basically, I and my art career gets more interesting!
I think that's all for right now. Please remember that it's not too early to set up for artwork for Christmas. It's $50 to start a project and you can either pay here and there or pay the remainder upon completion of the project.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

YOUR opinion matters! But not really in this case...

I've gotten some positive and negative reviews about my current POPEYE MOVIE series. What do YOU think of it? Visit here and vote!
This series is really for me and for fans of Popeye and/or the Popeye movie from 1980. Just like my Nicholson series is for me and if Jack fans wanna look at it, that's great. Sometimes an artist has to do what the ARTIST wants, regardless of critics, public and so on. But, I'm just curious, anyway.

Why I Draw Jack

I guess I haven't posted the work from my "Jack Nicholson" series. I thought I had. Well, here it is.
I have been a huge fan of Jack Nicholson since my dad made me watch "The Shining" and "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" when I was around 12. Since then, I've been mesmerized by his look, his acting and his personality. I do feel that he is a fantastic actor. I may have been disappointed in some of his movies, but never his performances. He inspired me to want to act. Then my lack of talent and memorization of lines inspired me to stick to my artwork.
I did my final speech in Speech class in high school about Jack. I did a clay bust of him in college (I had to throw it away because I messed up the plaster cast and the clay would've just dried out). I want to portray him away from the typical images of him, or overused images. I will NOT portray the scene from "The Shining"! Or him in "A Few Good Men"! I feel they've become too cliche. Only if the role or scene means something to me will I portray it. I'm still working on the series, but here's a few pieces of said series. What do you think? Oh, and there are some pieces I haven't posted, and you'll have to come to the studio to see them!! So THERE!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New paintings, same ol' kids

I figured I'd post these images of the oil paintings I did of my son and daughter. The photos were from a couples years ago, but the paintings I started before this summer. These and many other new pieces of work are at the studio.

I'm back, but then, I never left...

I know I haven't blogged alot lately, and it's (1) because I've been teaching off and on and (2) not much has gone on lately. I have one more week of teaching this summer at the Midland Center For The Arts. I taught last week during the C.O.O.R. MEAP summer camp thing at Kirtland Community College. I was the Photography instructor. Usually my wife teaches it with me, but she was in Midland teaching Ceramics. So I was solo, with help from a couple other instructors who admitted they were photography-blind.
This was the last year for this MEAP program due to budget cuts. I've taught every year for the last 9 years. It's a shame, because I get parents come up and tell me their kid was in my class and now he/she's taking photography in high school or college. And every instructor in the program has similar stories. It's one week that the kids and their parents tend to remember for a long time. And in the case of kids in my class, it's been a positive memory for them. Some kids had siblings in the class and ask me if I remember them. HA!! "I don't even remember YOUR name, and you're wearing a name tag for the class!" was my recurring comment this year. You see, the reason both my wife and I taught was because every year, we have up to 35 students in the class. The average has been about 29 for 9 years, so I've taught roughly 261 students, and it's one week out of the Summer. I can't remember last YEAR'S class, much less 3 or 8 years ago! The sad thing is, most of the years, we would have run-ins with kids, parents or instructors that would sour our interest in teaching the next year, but these past 2 years have been the best kid-wise and all around feel-wise. And now it's over.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

More visits than I can shake my blog at!

Since I've added the counter on the blog, I've gotten OVER 400 visits! Thank you readers! Please spread the word about my blog, my art and anything else that's gotten YOUR attention from me and/or my site! I'll be heading into the studio in an hour or so. Michigan Artists will be coming by to check out the studio and maybe take some photos. I figure I should probably "purty" myself up a bit: (curls moustache)
THERE! Perfect!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Moment to segway from my usual malarkey

I haven't made this very vocal, but I want to mention that I'm trying very hard to break a horrible lifetime habit & I hope, if you practice it, will try to stop, too. I'm abolishing the word "retard" from my vocabulary. I don't get serious about things like this often, but I take this to heart. This isn't a... re-post, this is ME, Jason, writing this. If you know me, I'm NOT PC. Break the habit.
What once was deemed retardation has been categorized into many factors and diagnoses & the word is more insulting & cruel than anything. Don't say something's "retarded", or your friend's "retarded". There are those in this world, in our c...ommunity who have Downs Syndrome, Autistic, or have mental/physical disorders who've been unfairly deemed retarded their whole lives by ignorant people. It is EXACTLY like using a racial slur. I've used the word my whole life off and on, but as I grow older, have kids and see things differently, I see how I have to change that. Nuff Said.

PS This is how I see it. It's not fact. I didn't study this. Feel free to comment, but remember that I'm not evenly REMOTELY implying I know what I'm talking about. Just how I feel about it.

Friday, July 30, 2010

2 Day Art Sale

Things have been slow and it's looking like I'm going to lose the studio. Below are pieces of artwork that are discounted until Sunday, August 2nd. If I can't sell, I have to give up the studio. This is a great chance for you to get cheap art!

Both the Stevie Ray Vaughan and the John Wayne drawings are dropped in price from $432 to $216 . Each of these drawings are $216 until August 2nd. John Wayne is 24x36 and I think the SRV is 36x48

This piece is $300. It's 24x36, I think. If so, it's usually $432. It might be bigger than 24x36.

These drawings are $100. Roughly 18x24, which usually costs $216.

ALL block prints in the studio are only $20 until Sunday, Aug. 2nd!

Contact me via e-mail or phone (989)343-1321 if interested. Thanks.