Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hello again for the first time!


Welcome to the first edition of Nuttall Art blogging. I was persuaded by a friend (her name rhymes with Shmamy) to begin a blog until I can get my own website set up. I'm a Michigan artist and father of three, husband of one and darling to dozens.

I will periodically update the silly suckers who view this blog with what I have up my sleeves and on the easel, maybe even in my beard. FOR EXAMPLE:

Friday, June 27th is the last day of my art exhibit at the Enchante Gallery in West Branch, Michigan on Refinery Rd. I will be demonstrating artwork and selling artwork, art posters, art postcards and comics related to art during the downtown West Branch Art on the Street, part of a series of "Fabulous Fridays" in downtown West Branch through August. It goes from 5-8 and I will be in front of the Winding Road Studio. Bring $20 and you can get quite a bit for your money.

If you would like to view my artwork ahead of time, go to and check out my pics. I hope to figure out how to add artwork to this sweet lil ol blog as well.

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