Monday, November 2, 2009

Office Space in my dreams

Recently I've found some office space in my hometown that I thought would make good studio space. The rent is fantastic, but I just can't swing it. It is VERY reasonable. I invited other artists to come in and share price. They can come in whenever they want and use the space without worries, but nobody seemed interested. I know that it seems dumb to be so upset about this, but the price is perfect and I'm ashamed that I can't take advantage. I need an open studio where I can have models, set up shoots, paint in a well-lit area, and display work. I can't continue to work the way I'm going. But in the condition things are in, I will have to suck it up and pass on this great opportunity. Even my wife thinks it's a great deal and would be good for me, but the money just isn't coming in regularly enough to pay monthly.

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