Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, Hoboes and Tramps, cross-eyed mosquitoes and bow-legged ants...

Where to begin??? I have alot happening in the next few months- Blast The Blues, the Nuttall Art Studio Opening May 8th from 4-6 (with a raffle of artwork), Motor City Comic Con to see Sergio and Stan Sakai again, teaching at the Midland Center for the Arts, but something came up this morning that got my blood pumpin': SAMMY HAGAR and the WABOS at Common Ground Festival in July!!! It's a great event, and a great line-up every year, and the Red Rocker being in the mix is a Can't Miss!!! My hands are shakin' and my mind is racin'! "Should I do some drawings/paintings for the band?" "What should I do?" "Should I try to meet them again, and if so, HOW?"
As I'd mentioned in previous posts, the last time Sammy was at Common Ground, Melissa and I raced from teaching in Midland to East Lansing at the last second (we got out of teaching at 4 and the show started at 6 or 7). We only had enough money for gas for the next day to get to work, so we wouldn't be able to get tix into the show, but it's an outdoor event and we could listen to the show, at least. Melissa convinced me we should go, so we went. We got there a little bit before the Wabos hit the stage. A guy was trying to sell his ticket but we told him we had no money and I told him my story about Sammy. He moved on to sell his ticket, but turned around and just GAVE it to us! "You deserve this more than anyone." Perfect example of a true Redhead. Only problem was, 1 ticket, 2 people. So, we just decided to watch from the side because we didn't want to separate. In a few minutes, somebody went around and was GIVING tickets out for free!! HALLELUJAH!! So, I gave our ticket to someone sitting outside of the fenced and took our 2 tickets and went inside!
So, anyway, the whole experience, including his story about the re-vamped "Dreams" song, inspired me greatly, to tears even. I've held his words close to heart, and the decisions I've made in the last 2 years have been greatly influenced by Sammy Hagar (so I have HIM to blame for any fallout!).

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