Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cast your Vote, but not until Saturday!

I want it clear that I don't give a shit about politics & I don't bitch & moan about changes & the way of the American Politician, because I don't care. BUT I do care about artists who put hard-earned money up to compete in art battles against other artists. I don't have said money so I might not be competing, but I still think you should check out ART de COMBAT this Saturday at the Enchante' Gallery in West Branch, Michigan.

Here's how it works: YOU get to the gallery and pay $20 at the door and get a ticket. You then proceed further and look at the artwork the artists are making (they have 3 hours to begin and finish a piece of artwork). You then decide which piece of art you like the most and write down the number the artist was given and drop your ticket into the designated ballot box. You then can enjoy the food and/or drinks available (pop, water, coffee, beer, booze) at no extra charge. Once you pay that $20 at the door you can eat and drink yourself stupid. Or you can watch the artists, mingle and/or wait to hear the results of the voting. Or you can leave whenever you'd like.
I may not be competing, as I have not had enough business to afford the entry fee for artists. But that doesn't mean I don't believe in these events to encourage the general public to get involved in the arts! You can watch an artist create artwork in front of you! And you can help that artist win money that can help their career or their family! AND there's a Silent Auction during and after the combat where you get a chance to bid on your favorite artwork being created. This piece, for example, was sold for only $40 at an art battle. Bad for me, but great for the highest bidder.

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