Tuesday, March 22, 2011

April is full of action!

Although I'm stoked about the 1 year anniversary, I'm also a little stressed, because the week before NUTTALL ART is going to be at the OGEMAW COMMUNITY AND BUSINESS EXPO at Ogemaw Heights High School and I'm trying to get stuff around to give away there, as well as at the anniversary party. The anniversary has been integrated into the Downtown West Branch Art & Wine Walk April 16th. I'm the artist and the business is Moments By M Photography, so there will be wine and food served during the anniversary shindig.
At the 1 year anniversary, I'm going to try to give away stuff, have a $2 raffle and have things for sale, so I'm trying to do artwork specifically for the raffle, plus my own projects and commissioned artwork. AND I'm doing lessons still. Right now, this is what I'm looking at to raffle or sell-

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