Monday, September 26, 2011

How I Spent My Weekend

I've been avoiding doing art battles because (1) I can't afford to enter and (2) I've grown weary of the same riga-marole of loading the van, unloading the van, work, wait, and lose. Then load the van up, unload again. Honestly, I entered this time because the coordinator of the event, Kathleen Baker, was in need of artists to participate and I wanted to help. I figured if I didn't win, I might at least sell the piece I create (although it may only be for $20, but it pays for gas). This art battle was part of the Hale Yes Balloon Festival in Hale, Michigan. I had to differing factors coming into this art battle, however: I went in expecting to lose, and I was sick. As a friggin' dog. Dizzy spells, coughing, chest and head congestion, aches and pains, etc., etc. I also agreed to do the art exhibit, which began at 1pm and ended at (ugh!) 9pm. The battle went from 4-7pm. This was my set-up for the event

This is the drawing that won 1st Place. It's charcoal, 18x24 and will be in the studio soon.

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