Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Sammy show Saga continues...

I am still trying to set up an exhibit focusing on my Sammy Hagar series (part of my "Heroes/Inspiration" series)in Detroit that coincides with the Chickenfoot concert (the band that Sammy is currently part of), to share my view with other Hagar fans (REDHEADS!!!). I'm not doing it to make money because my Sammy series is "Not 4 Sale" (title of one of his albums and songs). It's more for the exposure but mostly just to give the Redheads a place to go prior to the concert where they can walk around, hang out and not be in a drinking environment. I know that alot of concert-goers like to get blitzed before the show even starts, and to each their own, but this would be a safer environment. I also think that it would be great to get a different group of people into whatever venue might show my exhibit, and give them more foot traffic.
I'm currently working on more paintings for the series in between commission work. Once I get more work done, I'll post it here and HERE only!

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