Sunday, April 7, 2013

We're about to have a party, and EVERYONE'S invited!

As I'm sure you all know, NUTTALL ART STUDIO is celebrating its 3 year anniversary with a celebration Saturday, April 20th from 1-5pm at Nuttall Art Studio in downtown West Branch, Michigan. Oh, and you are invited. With every anniversary, I offer free food and drinks, as well as the $1 raffle. I raffle off about three pieces of artwork specially made for the anniversary. Every person who buys a raffle ticket (did I mention it's only for $1?) also gets a free cartoon sketch, as I know the deep burn one feels when one spends money in hopes of winning something, only to walk away empty-handed. So, even if you DON'T win the raffle, you still get a drawing. We will also have LIVE music for the event, as local musician/writer/city councilman Tim Schaiberger will be performing. This here oil painting is ONE of the pieces of artwork being raffled off- So, with the exception of the $1 raffle, it's ALL FREE, and you're than welcome to bring as many guests as you'd like, and stay as long as you wish (even if only for 5 minutes)!!

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