Thursday, September 26, 2013

Save the Studio/Customer Appreciation Day at the Studio

This Saturday, September 28th, at Nuttall Art Studio, is a Customer Appreciation Day. The 2 goals for this are: to show my customers my thanks and to raise money to keep the studio open so the local schools can continue to be offered free tours and lessons (while touring), so lessons are still available for all ages, and much more. Bring money. Tell your friends and family. IF YOU BELIEVE in this studio and/or my artwork, stop in. It goes from 12:30-5:30, with snacks and drinks. If you attend, you WILL NOT walk away empty-handed!! Please make sure you sign the sign-in sheet, or put your name on a slip of paper and put in the "attendance" box with your e-mail or mailing address. Also, I will have a donation box at the event to raise funds for a portrait for Nate Payne's family. A West Branch family has lost a member of their family, and the father is in critical condition in the hospital after the two were involved in a car accident. It has shaken the community quite a bit, as he was a popular kid. I want to help, but since I'm struggling to keep the studio (and my sanity), I can only give what I can offer, which is my ability to draw and paint. I will accept ANY amount donated and do a drawing or painting for the family of Nate Payne and his family. If I wasn't throwing this event to save the studio, I would do the artwork for free, and to frame it costs money. I wouldn't want to give them artwork that they have to frame. The family WILL get the drawing at no cost to them. Please spread the word.

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