Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Blues Were Blastin'! The auction, not so much...

"Blast the Blues" went as well as most events where artists display their work for sale. The event itself was fine. The organizers did a good job, and the band, The Devilles, were great. It's just the people who PAID to be in a FUNDRAISER involving an AUCTION didn't feel that they should have to bid on anything at the auction. Alot of artwork was up for auction. Attendees knew this. It was advertised. But nobody wanted any artwork. Or anything else, other than eat and drink.
Now I understand that alot of people aren't into art, no matter what kind of art (and there was a great variety), but if you come to an event that is a fundraiser that has an art auction and artists on display (as advertised), MAYBE you shouldn't be coming if you don't like art.
"Let's go to a car auction even though I don't have a license and hate cars! But I hear they're giving away hot dogs!"

I want to make clear that the event organizers, volunteers and artists are not the people I'm disturbed by. It's the people who paid to come to charity auction and didn't want to bid. I did not expect to sell anything. I never do at these things. It just gives me a chance to show off my work. I'm not upset that I didn't sell anything. It's that people donated artwork, events, opportunities and their items were underbid (start at $50 and EVENTUALLY sells for $25). To me, that's a blow to the self-esteem. It's not a garage sale that you meander around and try to haggle.

That should be enough complaining for now.

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