Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wine Walk a Blues Blasting

The Art & Wine Walk went very nicely. It was great weather and alot of booze lovin' West Branchers out and about. As always. But this time there was FREE wine and artwork to look at.

Oh right. There was artwork on display. I actually had people come into the Ink & Thread, get their shot o' rotted grape juice, give me a look like I was a diseased hippie and walk out. Par for the course. Happens all the time. And for the record, I am NOT diseased. I am not a traditional "hippie". I have long hair and listen to classic rock and blues. I don't hug trees. I don't spout off "Peace my brother", and I do not partake in ANY Hippie-esque substances. Hell, I barely drink.
Other than those individuals, the evening was great. I saw old faces, new faces and had alot of positive feedback about my artwork.
Next Thursday, April 23, I will be at the "Blastin' the Blues" at Dean Arbour in West Branch, for the Tolfree Foundation. I will have artwork on display, as will 19 other artists. Entry is $20 and that covers food from multiple local restaurants, drinks and a chance to bid at the auction. I have put a BB King block print up, an unknown piece (but it might be a Stevie Ray Vaughan painting) and 3 hours of art lessons. For more info, check out the Tolfree Foundation site:

Spread the word!!

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Troy Primeaux said...

Jason, couldn't help but notice your last name. Are you by chance related to Carrie Nuttall? (aka Mrs. Neil Peart)


Houston, Texas, USA