Monday, September 21, 2009

New updates

Here's an update:
Alot of brainstorming for the documentary. Hit a few walls in getting gallery attention, but that's nothing new. I don't have any new projects so there's no money coming in. Right now I've got a recurring ailment that's kicking my butt. I started on a Jack Nicholson drawing. It's a more detailed rendering, like the old days. I've gotten into a bit of a lull of drawing or painting quickly to get things done for events or keep prices down for clients. I've come to miss the articulate photo rendering that I've prided myself on.
Once I get some money around, I will be entering the Art de Combat 3 at the Enchante Gallery in West Branch, Michigan on Saturday, October 17th from 4-7pm. $20 at the door to get in, but you get to vote, drink and eat all you want.
I'm planning on doing a series of Popeye drawings and paintings, as well as Nicholson.
The West Branch Artist Pool exhibit will be up until October 15th at Kirtland Community College in Roscommon. The reception went well. Alot of positive feedback.
I think that's all for now. Chest pains are kicking in.

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Anonymous said...

what chest pains? me and hubby have been searching for something different to do for our anniversary.the 17th show sounds fun.our anniversary is the 18th.this is angel by the way.Maybe i can get steve to go that night too.