Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cheese Dip, Spinach and...whatever Usagi eats...

It's been confirmed that not only is STAN SAKAI going to be at the Motor City Comic Con, but the man who has been an inspiration since I was 7yrs old, Sergio Aragones! My geeking-out meter is off the charts right now, because also at the MCCC is Ken Wheaton, artist of the "Popeye Picnic Special Edition" comic book, along with one of the writers of the Popeye special, Chris Yambar.
So, we have the creator of GROO and artist of Popeye, THE two characters who've been at the tip of my drawing pencil for over 25 years, plus a newer favorite, Usagi Yojimbo by Mr. Sakai. My head's a' spinnin'!
The event is May 14-16th, I do believe. I met my hero in 2007, as any fool can plainly read HERE .

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