Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today is tomorrow....Time to Talk SAMMY HAGAR AND THE WABOS!!!

It's tomorrow! With very limited funds, Melissa and I started the day heading to Midland so she could teach her class. While she taught, I did the drawing of Mona, the Waborita bass player. We then had lunch and headed to Lansing to the Common Ground Festival. I'd talked to some folks at Common Ground prior to this week (withholding names)about trying to get the artwork to Sammy and the band. They were VERY supportive and when we met with them, we each got backstage passes to the Meet & Greet with Sammy and the Wabos! We were also told we'd be "Up front Fanatics", or rather fans who get to spend the concert onstage and get served drinks. We met "Sweet5150", a fellow Michigan Redhead who won a contest to get on the Meet &Greet. He had is son who was turning 5yrs old yesterday. Oh, and it turns out that sweet5150 had a photo book that was released a couple years ago that had ALOT of pics of a painting I gave to Sammy some time back!
Anyway, we got backstage to the M/G, and when Sammy came out, he walked up to me and said "Hey, I remember you." Me, being a schmuck, said "Well, I HOPE so!" He proceeded to the contest winner and just as he was passing me, drummer David Lauser stepped out and grinned and pointed at me and Melissa. He walked over and gave me a big hug and we chatted for awhile. He told me how a couple of the drawings I've given him are hanging in his studio and thanked me. Then bassist Mona came up and smiled.
"JASON! I walked right past you and didn't even see you! How are you? How's the baby doing?"
I said "Which one? We have 3 now!" "THREE??? Last I remember there were only 2! I missed one!" Dave and Mona chatted with Melissa and I for a couple minutes and thanked me for the artwork (they loved it, and Dave recognized the image I worked from for his painting. The photo was taken by Todd Martyn-Jones. Thanks Mr. Jones! Awesome images every time! ).
Then Sammy came back over and when he saw the drawing, his jaw dropped.
"Aw, man! You're gonna make me miss my wife! It's beautiful! I love this stuff!" He told me. He looked at the other fans and hugged the drawing, "BACK OFF! IT'S MINE!!!"
I tried telling him about the drawing I did of him and his wife years ago, but said he didn't remember. I told him I thought he'd want an updated drawing to go along with the first one. He thanked me and shook my hand. I told him that Melissa and I had come to the last Common Ground show he did and that the acoustic version of "Dreams" was the first time I'd heard that version before, and the speech he gave before playing it brought tears to my eyes for the first time in concert. I told him his words and that night inspired me to pursue my art career more seriously than before. He grinned and told me "Yeah, I think that version relays the true message of the song. And that's what the song's all about, man, following your dreams. Thanks for the drawing." I thanked him and he shook my hand and Melissa's and headed back to his trailer. Mission freakin' accomplished, baby!!
Unfortunately, in spite all the efforts of the Common Ground people, they couldn't get us onstage (too many people already), but that was alright! We stayed for the show, and left a LITTLE early to battle the 3 hour drive home.
Oh, and not only did we meet Sammy, but 2 other highlights: The AWESOME women from the Common Ground Fest, and the fact that David Lauser and Mona came out and talked to us and NOBODY else! They talked to us and went back in! Tee Hee!

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