Friday, July 30, 2010

2 Day Art Sale

Things have been slow and it's looking like I'm going to lose the studio. Below are pieces of artwork that are discounted until Sunday, August 2nd. If I can't sell, I have to give up the studio. This is a great chance for you to get cheap art!

Both the Stevie Ray Vaughan and the John Wayne drawings are dropped in price from $432 to $216 . Each of these drawings are $216 until August 2nd. John Wayne is 24x36 and I think the SRV is 36x48

This piece is $300. It's 24x36, I think. If so, it's usually $432. It might be bigger than 24x36.

These drawings are $100. Roughly 18x24, which usually costs $216.

ALL block prints in the studio are only $20 until Sunday, Aug. 2nd!

Contact me via e-mail or phone (989)343-1321 if interested. Thanks.

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