Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nuttall Art Studio may be near an end.

Due to the lack of finances coming into my home and studio, there's a good chance I may not have the studio much longer. I am not giving up, because to give up is to admit defeat, and dese feats are made for walkin', not walkin' away. The energy I feel when I open the door to my studio is overwhelming at times. I have such a nip on about what I do, it's ridiculous! There are so many unfinished projects lying around the studio because my mind is drawing, painting, sculpting a mile a minute and my body can't catch up! The studio isn't my dream; the studio is part of the dream that I've been striving for my entire life. My dreams used to be to meet my heroes, my idols, my inspirations. I've used my abilities as an artist to achieve those dreams (with ONE still on the table. WHEN will you film in Michigan, Jack??) and my heart's filled with pride and joy in what I've accomplished. But now that I've reached that goal, now what? I've earned the respect of my lifelong heroes, Sergio Aragones and Stan Sakai, I've spoken, shook hands with and even sold artwork to Sammy Hagar, I've put a smile on BB King's face. Twice. But how does that help me? Personally, it's uplifting and powerful, but does that help me get gallery exhibits? Can I feed my children because of it? It's bragging rights, or to some, name dropping. I want to support my family and my career as an artist by BEING an artist. I also want to encourage and (morally) support other artists, young and old, to follow their dreams, but smarter than I have. Hence, the West Branch Artist Pool I created.
I have had some success with the studio, and word is getting out, but commissions are few and far between. The lessons I teach are to 3 kids, and it's not enough to pay the rent, to be blunt. The studio isn't a shop to sell the work on the walls, but if someone sees something they like, there's a price. It's really a place for appreciaters of the arts. But, at the same time, I can't have the studio if nothing sells.
I will constantly be updating about whether or not I can hold onto the studio. With Christmas in a couple months, I'm hoping people will notice the quality of the work and the low (yes, the prices ARE LOW for the quality) prices and realize that original artwork is far more thoughtful and long-lasting than a video game for a system that will be obsolete in a year or so, or socks that only get holes eventually.

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