Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why I do what I do.

As you may realize, being a freelance artist in a small town is not exactly fruitful financially. It's an ongoing struggle and often disheartening. Bills at home pile up, studio rent is overdue and dammit, we're down to one roll of toilet paper at the house!! It's because of this that I continually post here and on Facebook and on Twitter that I have deals going or selling certain drawings/paintings dirt cheap (although my work is already pretty reasonable). Having this studio and doing what I love is very fulfilling and uplifting, but every day when I approach the studio, I half-expect to see an eviction notice on the door.
I decided to open the studio because I couldn't get hired anywhere. Hell, I couldn't even get an interview!! I don't have a bad job history (9 years at the same job, 4 at my 2nd job and then later 4 years at another job while working 3 years at another 2nd job). So, I figured, instead of waiting for the phone to ring, I'd give West Branch something they didn't have before: a working artist's studio. It's been a year, and I've been as successful as one can be in an economically-challenged community. But with no money equals no advertising other than free advertising and word of mouth.
Which brings me back to the beginning of this post. I AM selling certain pieces for half price or more and I DO have a new special going right now: Father's Day Special for only $80 for a 16x20 drawing or painting. PLEASE tell your friends and neighbors!

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