Sunday, July 31, 2011


The Kickstarter project was a no-go. Not enough funds were pledged to reach the goal. The HEROES series is halted right now and the future of the studio is not looking good. Right now, I have to decide if I want to split any money I'm making between back rent on the studio and bills at home, cutting both short, or focus the money on bills at home. With the Kickstarter project, I'd have used the funds from that solely on the projects and the studio, while using money earned teaching at the Midland Center For The Arts on bills. I know this is the way of the artist. I knew this when I devoted my life to it and to family. I'd hoped it would have gotten better by now, even just a little. I'm not one to give up. Not so much because I'm so darn positive; I'm too damn stubborn.
I would love to try Kickstarter again, but the minimum time frame to raise funds is one month, which would take me into the end of August. I need it now, though. Plus, you have no idea how painful and gut-wrenching it is for me to bug people constantly to give me money. That's not how I want to make a living. It drains the spirit. That's why I tried to make it worth backers' whiles by giving EVERY backer artwork if the project was successful. I want to EARN money, not ask for handouts.

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