Monday, October 3, 2011

Act NOW (or tomorrow)

I know that artwork isn't the top of anyone's list of what they need or want they want to get or give for a gift, but original artwork really is a strong, touching and creative gift idea (even if it's for yourself!). I try to offer specials for people who do want original artwork but don't have the budget for it. Hence, my ONE DAY SALE (or 2 day)!! Today and today ONLY (ok, today and Tuesday), if you come to the studio and mention this deal, you can get a 16x20 painting or drawing for only $60!! You must visit NUTTALL ART STUDIO or call the studio (989-701-7287) Today, Oct. 3 or Tuesday Oct. 4th and mention this special! Offer ends 8pm Tuesday evening! As long as the money is in my hands by 9pm Oct. 4th, you can take as long as you want to decide what you want. The $$ is a placeholder. Act now! Tell yer friends and neighbors!!

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