Sunday, October 18, 2009

And the co-winner IS....

The Art de Combat 3 went very well. I had a blast. I think returning artists stepped up their games. It was nice to see some different artists there. I did win First Place. Well, I tied with First Place and we split the winnings. And last I'd seen, the drawing at the silent auction was bought for $75. It's always refreshing to hear the positive reactions to my artwork, even if I'm not thrilled with the piece. I liked the final project, but I was working in dim light for an hour and a half and I can easily see myself working on it more, but se la vi (spelled wrong. I can say it, not spell it). I will be part of the next combat, which will be April or May 2010 at Enchante Gallery.
I do have to admit that I feel bad when other artists tell me they won't win because I'm competing. It's nice to know they have that confidence in me, but then I don't want them feeling self conscience about their abilities. An event like this is stressful enough. Hell, I didn't even choose what I was going to do until 2 minutes before the shotgun start! No pressure, eh? I didn't know what to draw and I didn't know if I was going to paint, draw in graphite or charcoal, or draw in oil pastel. I eventually chose oil pastel and did a Jack Nicholson portrait. Photos will be posted soon.
I want to congratulate all the artists involved for surviving Art de Combat 3! It takes balls just to sign up, and it takes talent and inner strength to complete a project with judging eyes on you in a 3 hour period. Good job!

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