Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Do you recognize the object in the photo? Yes, that is a pencil. And what is that next to the end of the pencil? That is what has caused me great pain for the last 2-3 weeks. It is a kidney stone. Yeah, that's right, I took a photo of my kidney stone that passed through my urinary tract (which is uber thin. Thinner than thin spaghetti BEFORE being cooked) and out my clinically proven narrow urethra. That's right, I shot rocks out of my wang. AND a shard that was smaller and kinda see-thru.
Truth to tell, I'm damn proud of this lil guy. This is the 4th time I've had kidney stones. The last batch was bigger than this one and had to be blown up while still in my kidney so it could be passed, using vibrations. Hurt like hell. The pain doesn't come just from the passage but the build up from the stone blocking the passageway; like stepping on a hose before it's turned on.

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