Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hi Amy!!!!

How are things with you, Amy? I see you are my only friend....

Oh, wondering about this picture, you say?

I never told you that my wife, Melissa and I met the fantastic ALAN RUCK last year at the Motor City Comic Con!!!! He was a very kind and generous person. We spoke for about 10 minutes (I caught him after he got back from the bathroom, so there was no line for the first time that day!). I interviewed him for the SVSU paper, but they didn't print what I wrote.

We were delighted to see him on our favorite show, "Psych" tonight on USA! I thought he was great, but I've always been a fan, especially when he was on "Spin City". All his guest spots are great, and, of course, there's Ferris Bueller...

At the beginning of this season, Sean on "Psych" made many references to "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" in the episode "Murder...Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?", and Alan Ruck is well known for his role in that movie.

Heh. Cool. Who saw the pineapple?

So, Amy, thank you for coming forth as, apparently, my ONLY reader. I appreciate you.

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