Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Moment to segway from my usual malarkey

I haven't made this very vocal, but I want to mention that I'm trying very hard to break a horrible lifetime habit & I hope, if you practice it, will try to stop, too. I'm abolishing the word "retard" from my vocabulary. I don't get serious about things like this often, but I take this to heart. This isn't a... re-post, this is ME, Jason, writing this. If you know me, I'm NOT PC. Break the habit.
What once was deemed retardation has been categorized into many factors and diagnoses & the word is more insulting & cruel than anything. Don't say something's "retarded", or your friend's "retarded". There are those in this world, in our c...ommunity who have Downs Syndrome, Autistic, or have mental/physical disorders who've been unfairly deemed retarded their whole lives by ignorant people. It is EXACTLY like using a racial slur. I've used the word my whole life off and on, but as I grow older, have kids and see things differently, I see how I have to change that. Nuff Said.

PS This is how I see it. It's not fact. I didn't study this. Feel free to comment, but remember that I'm not evenly REMOTELY implying I know what I'm talking about. Just how I feel about it.

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