Monday, July 21, 2008

A correction (thank you Usagiguy)

I was notified by a reader (THANK YOU) that the award that bears Sergio Aragones' image is called "The Sergio". This award banquet was created by the members of CAPS (Comic Art Professional Society) to honor writers, artists, performers, etc who have impacted the comic industry. The award given was named after the co-founder of CAPS, Sergio Aragones. He was the second honoree to receive this statue, after Jack Davis in 2006.

CAPS was formed in 1977 by Sergio Aragones, Mark Evanier and Don Rico. It was formed as a group of common interest people to socialize and share in information and updates. Some of the current members, along Aragones and Evanier, are comic greats Stan Sakai, Matt Groening, Tom Luth and Stan Lee, to name a very few of very many.

For the full, ACCURATE story of how the statue of "the Sergio" was designed by THE Sergio, and switched designs behind his back, click here.

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