Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rock and roll!

The image to the left is from 2003. The little arm is my daughter Rebecca at 1 year old. This painting sold online.
Can ya feel it?? Can ya feel my hairs on my arms stand up? Hell, you might even HEAR it from where you're standing!!

July 7 in Lansing, Michigan at the Common Ground Festival the Red Rocker SAMMY HAGAR is gonna be in concert!!!! It's been a LOOOOONG time since I've seen the power of the Pink Rocker Mona on bass, the surge of energy from guitarist Vic Johnson, the thunder of David Lauser on drums, and that singer, Sammy Hagar, who plays guitar, too.

Unfortunately, my wife and I can't afford the $35(each) to see the show. We're gonna be about an hour away in Midland teaching until 5, but the shows don't start until 7. I'm kinda trying to sell artwork to be able to go to the show, because I'm quitting my miserable job and relying on the teaching gigs we picked up to pay bills. But the draw of the music and show itself is tuggin' at me!!!

Can ya save me?!? Can ya stop my hunger pangs???

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