Thursday, July 10, 2008

The link below is to the drawing I currently have up for sale on Ebay.

Now remember, this is the ORIGINAL drawing, not a print of one. I do have more prints for sale, one of which of the montage I displayed here before.

I will be on Ebay regularly trying to sell prints, artwork, etc.
You see, I recently quit my job due to lack of hours and respect. I was only getting 15hours of work at minimum wage with no hope of raise or promotion (promotion does not entail pay raise there. Just means more responsibility and blame on your shoulders at minimum wage). I was being lied to by the "new management" and lied about. So, I left. Now, I'm teaching for 2 weeks in Midland, and one week in August at Kirtland, and another two weeks at the end of August at Midland again.
I just need to fill the gaps financially by selling artwork. Diapers are low, all three kids wanna eat EVERY DAMN DAY, and bills are overdue. I will post shortly on the life and times of a struggling artist and father.
For now, spread the word about teh Ebay items, please and remember that I am also for hire for commission work if you don't like the musicians I already drew/painted. I take requests.

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