Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My role in Nutberger Ink

(The image to the left is a first sketch of VIETMIME from 2006)
A few years ago, I began a partnership with a West Branch writer by the name of Tim Schaiberger. He approached me to draw a graphic novel about his father who was a medic in the military during the Vietnam war. "Hmm", I thought, " reminds me of MASH, just a different war". So I said to Tim, "Hey, that sounds like MASH , just a different war. And it sounds like it's been done". Just to be a smart-ass, I said "What if you use, like, a mime in Vietnam."

And we both stopped and looked at each other.

"YEAH! A mime trapped in Vietnam!!" And thus began the creative process for our upcoming comic, "VIETMIME". We interpreted parts of his dad's war stories in with stuff we made up and are now doing the last minute work on the book. The problem is, Tim knows nothing about art or graphics, and my writing isn't strong enough to carry a story. But, I can write dialogue a little better. But, I'm doing all the drawing, inking, graphics and lettering/text. AND I have 3 kids 1-5yrs of age. So things have been moving slowly.

But, keep an eye out for the debut or release of VIETMIME by Nutberger Ink (Nut for Nuttall and Berger for Schaiberger).

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