Sunday, July 6, 2008

Behind Blue Eyes

In the spirit of VH1's Rock Honors of The Who this month, I decided to post a photo of my Pete Townsend charcoal drawing I did in 2000.

Ya see, I had the fantastic opportunity to give a drawing to the great Joe Walsh (of the Eagles, solo and James Gang, as well as playing Ed on the Drew Carey Show). He was performing at the Common Ground Festival in Lansing, Michigan and I did a drawing for him. After the show, a security guard worked some magic and got me a little meeting with Walsh's manager, Smokey Wendell. He loved the drawing, took it to Joe Walsh and they said I could meet him. It was great! I'll get into more detail in a later post about that WHOLE scenario...

After meeting Joe, Smokey pulled me aside and asked if I had any artwork of Pete Townsend, because Pete was going to be visiting Joe's house in a month and he thought it would be cool if he was given a drawing. I did not have one, however, but within the week I kicked this charcoal drawing out, but soon lost my wallet with Smokey's contact info!!!

Eight years later, I got it framed I displayed it publicly for the first time at my exhibit at the Enchante Gallery (which ended June 27th).

If you are interested in this drawing, please either leave a comment or email me. I'm thinking of putting it on Ebay, so act quickly.

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